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Domestic automatic door openers for the disabled

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Domestic automatic door openers are very different to commercial door opening devices. And worlds apart from garage and gate openers. Ease of use, safety and durability are paramount when a door opener is required in a domestic situation.

Whilst automatic door openers can be found in just about every major shipping centre in Brisbane. Domestic automatic door openers are few and far between.

Australia has been a little slow to take up this technology, the United States is definitely the market leader.

We first installed door opening devices some 15 years ago.

However then the technology was still not quite developed enough. Today the inclusion of “remote technology” has enabled us to deliver a reliable and functional unit at a realistic price. Traditionally many domestic door openers were stripped down commercial ones. These were larger and less reliable than the units that have come to dominate the market.


For 27 years we have been front and centre in providing security for numerous Brisbane homes and businesses.

So it was logical we provide door openers for the infirm and disabled. We are licensed by the Qld Office of Fair Trading, which require us to submit to finger printing and criminal record checks. We are also members of the Master Locksmiths of Australia. As well as the Locksmiths Guild of Australia. Additionally we have 2 fully functioning shopfronts. Our Coopers Plains head office supports our fleet of mobile service vehicles for Brisbane’s Southside and our Taringa Shop the Northside.



Our factory trained technicians are uniformed and carry Official ID cards. All work done is backed by our warranty policy that sets out response times for any failures or callbacks.

We can also tailor a complete security system to your specific requirements. Our electronics team are experts with access control systems and CCTV camera systems. Our base camera system only costs $367 which enables you to “check in” on your family. This can be done from any smart phone or internet connected computer anywhere in the world. This camera has full pan and tilt capability and we can even connect up a speaker and a microphone to it.

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Note the Stanley Access pro automatic door opener is only sold in the 240v & 12v versions. Stanley Access Pro Automatic Door Opener (suits Australian doors & locksets)