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Domestic home safe review

It may seem easy to buy a safe but buying the right domestic home safe is another matter entirely. There is so much choice and with websites being so easy to build the unscrupulous promise lots and deliver little. In this domestic home safe review I will attempt to set out the benefits and pitfalls of the more popular safes on the market.

Everyone knows safes are made in different sizes but they are also made in different qualities. There are domestic or home safes, commercial safes, jewellers grade and bankers grade safes and more. These are made from different materials and made to deter different types of attacks.

Cash ratings (sometimes called Insurance ratings) is also another way to separate different types of safes. Most domestic safes have a cash rating up to $20,000 meaning they are designed and built to protect up to that amount in value terms. You can buy a home safe with a $20,000 cash rating and put triple that amount but it’s only designed to stop attacks from individuals with little motivation as well as rudimentary tools.

Should a top class safe cracker find your home safe he will more than likely open it easily. Of course why would a top class safe cracker would be wandering around the suburbs. He (top class safe crackers) will usually go after top end targets and leave domestic safes to opportunistic amateurs.

If you had the valuables ( reward ) a hard core crim was after (such as a Bank or a Diamond dealer) you would have to use a higher grade safe to defend against his attack. Homes safes are for made to protect passports, household jewellery and important papers from theft and fire. They are usually small and should be bolted down as they usually weigh up to 150kg.

Sadly many people buy what THEY think is a home safe. Sadly it is nothing more than steel box with a keypad or key lock and bold claims. If anyone thinks that a so called safe costing $100 will put up any kind of fight they are crazy.Amatuer crims and opportunist theives usually use screw drivers, small prybars as these types of tools are all they have and also easy to conceal. Here are some of the more popular “home safes” we sell …

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Click here to see a cheap safe cracked open with basic hand tools 

Burg Wachter Combi-line CL10 Home safe – $20K cash rating 45 minute fire rating ! Price $820

This Dominator DS0 has a UL fire rating – 105 minutes for paper – Also a $20,000 cash rating – Price around $960

CMI Miniguard with LaGard Digital lock ….$10,000 cash rating – 30 min fire rating … price $1,025.00

Guardall FP2 is also close in size & price – $8000 cash rating and a 30 min fire rating — Price $670

The Guardall BFG100 is resistant to angle grinder attacks ! Price $1200