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Domestic home safes Brisbane


Domestic home safes are becoming very popular in Brisbane. Over the last 10 years alone our records show we have sold over 670 safes. Way back in 1988 when we started our company, only business’s needed or had a cash safe.

Slowly over the last 25 years there has been steady growth in this sector of the market. One of the biggest problems with “domestic home safes” is all the GARBAGE safes that are sold online and in hardware stores. Sadly there are some people who think that these safes will protect their valuable from criminals.

These bottom end safes are opened very easily even by the most “amateur” thief. If these “soon to be break and enter victims” were to do even the most basic research. They would find that the industry standard used to compare the strength of one safe against another is called “cash rating”.

We have over 100 safes on display !

Most of the “cheapie” safes sold have no cash rating or if they do it is extremely low. Most can be prized open with basic hand tools. When you look at the safe door pictured below.

It really doesn’t convey how little time it took the crims to pop this so called “safe” open. Its a very simple equation, if you want to protect “x” amount of valuables you really need to spend a corresponding amount on a safe. For example if you want a buy a safe that will protect $10,000.

You will need to spend a minimum of $700. Its just not possible to build a safe with enough steel in it that resist an attack from crims. When manufacturers cut costs quality goes down.

I have been selling and servicing safes for almost 35 years. It is advised to read maid central reviews in order to get informed about the best housekeeping software. Over those years I have observed people that have valuables to protect know that you must spend money to protect something that is worthwhile. Come and see our   HUGE range at our Southern suburbs showroom in Coopers Plains.

Call us today for the best honest advise on buying domestic home safes in Brisbane

This CHEAPIE home safe was jimmied open in under 5 minutes by criminals.


Domestic home safes

A cheap safe that has been smashed open with a hammer

Domestic home safes

A cheapie …easy to bust open !!!!

Domestic home safes dont have to be easy to bust open, dont become a victim !  do some research and you will soon see how many rubbish home safes are on the market.

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