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Domestic Intercom system repairs Brisbane

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Over the last 29 years we have seen some huge changes in the security industry. Smartphone alarms are the hot ticket item, CCTV systems are popping up everywhere and intercoms are also becoming popular. Its now common for most new homes to have a large front fence with a pedestrian gate that can be unlocked from inside at the touch of a button. Hence we are now providing more domestic intercom system repairs.

Servicing all the common intercom brands as well as the less common ones. Its worth keeping in mind that the vast majority of domestic intercom systems in Brisbane are exposed to the elements. Water, wind, vermin and other adverse factors. An intercom that was working before a electrical storm can suddenly stop working because of a lightening strike.

Its not just the electrical components that need servicing, locks and hinges (including closing devices) all need attention. We can help you in these situations, our technicians can track down the and fix the issue. Carrying Qld issued security licences and uniformed you can be comfortable placing your security with our friendly techs.

One of the most popular new domestic intercoms we have been installing is the IP variety. An IP intercom is one that is connected to the internet. This allows the user to access it from anywhere there is an internet connection. You can get notifications that someone has pressed your door bell. You can then answer them via your smartphone or even review a visitor that you missed later via your laptop.

We operate form 2 street front shops and because we have been trading since 1988 can be sure we will act in professional manner and be around for the long haul. Sadly there are some smaller tradies who cut corners when installing new domestic intercoms. Only to vanish when there is a problem. Call or email us today to arrange a site visit we will be keen to help.

A typical new renno with a nice fence and intercom setup !

Having a intercom makes your home safer from uninvited guests

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All work is done by our fully licensed Technicians !