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Door closer repair Brisbane

Door closers sit un-noticed at the top of many doors until they stop working. When the time comes for door closer repairs we have extensive knowledge with all types of door closers. We perform many door closer repairs for unit complex body corporates. When its on a foyer door it needs to be fixed urgently. Our fleet of service vehicles will repair or service any door closer in any Brisbane suburb.

Often we discover doors have been fitted with the wrong type of door closer. They are either under strength or over rated. When a door is fitted with a “light duty” or under strength door closer it usually has to be wound up. In fact so hard that it often slams violently against the door frame. Another problem with a light duty door closer is that it is easy to “rest” the door ajar. This is often the case with foyer doors where people want to sneak back inside. Often they dont realize they are creating a security risk.

Door Closer Repair Service in Australia

A door closer that is “over rated” can make it very hard to open the door. If this circumstance occurs on a shop front door your clients could injure them selves or form a negative opinion of your shop even before they have set foot in it. By far the biggest issue however is slamming foyer or common area doors. This problem becomes very obvious in the middle of the night and those closest to the slamming noise from a door closer will be quick to complain.

In security critical situations a faulty door closer can expose staff to dangers if left in disrepair. We have a dedicated 24 emergency service to attend and solve these issues day or night, and when it comes time to pay we accept all forms of payment. Should you require an account we will in special circumstances provide one provided our credit criteria is met.

Call 1300 5565 00 to speak to a technician now.

Foyer door closers as well

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