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Door lock Installation is a large part of a locksmiths job. Installing door locks is broad, these door locks can be deadlocks, knobsets, lever locks, snib locks, padlocks. They are installed on glass doors, sliding doors, wooden doors, back doors, laundry doors and the list go on and on.

We have been providing door lock installation in Brisbane for almost 34 years. In that time we have installed almost every brand of lock on almost every type of door. Some installations are very tricky but because we never quit and we get there in the end.

We also employ a qualified boilermaker and when we get a steel door or steel frame modification that needs to be done its no big deal. Domestic lock installation is no where near as demanding as commercial door lock installation. There is legislation governing what types of locks can be installed in a commercial situation.

Our customer base has grown since 1988 and it continues to expand

And the locks generally have to be of higher quality to deal with the high usage it gets. Anyone can install a door lock but the real skill comes when the door or lock is unique. Such as a bullet resistant door in a bank.

Specialist door lock installation is something we have had lots of experience with. And whilst “normal jobs” keep everyone busy its these unique jobs that excites everyone. We have also invested in specialist dedicated machinery such as our Makita Morticing machine.

Our Esab mig welder, magnetic drill press and the standard drills, powerfiles, angle grinders and cordless drills all make the job easier. Arranging a no obligation estimation is as simple as picking up the phone. Major credit cards, cash, Eltpos and cheques are also standard payment methods.

Credit in certain circumstances can also be arranged so long as our credit criteria is met. We provide these services in normal hours however we often do jobs out of hours. Particularly when noise is a factor. If you have nay questions about any lock installation call us on 1300 556500.

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door lock installation
Even weird locks like this one
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door lock installation
We our fleet of mobile service vans we can help !
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