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Door opening service Brisbane City & suburbs

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If you have never locked yourself out it is hard to imagine just how you would deal with it. We help Brisbane residents with our dedicated door opening service. We have heard and seen them all, from people racing to the airport (and locking the car keys with the luggage in the boot) to children locked in toilets. It doesn’t matter how panicky our clients are. When we arrive because we know that once the door is open every body breathes a sigh of relief. From Algester to Zillemere from Ipswich to Coomera we have unlocked doors all around Brisbane.

In fact we have been doing it for more than 28 years and I dont believe that will change over the next 28. Lock malfunctions and lock failures do happen a lot and they happen at the worst possible time. Today everybody is racing, racing to work, racing home and this pressure.  Sooner or later for just a brief moment there can be a concentration lapse and click, your locked out.

With any lock opening service we perform we must establish that it is all legitimate. We always ask for and record identification down on our paperwork. Over the last 25 years we have only had to call the Qld Police on a few occasions to investigate. When you consider we do over 1500 lock openings a year it is a very small percentage.

In almost 100% of the time we can open the door lock using our “lock bypass” skills which includes using lock picking tools, however on really high security locks we may have to drill it open as there are some locks that are “pick proof” however this is extremely rare. We have state of the art ETPOS machines in our vans and thus accept all forms of payment.

When your lock out dont shout just call us on 1300 556500 !

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