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Drug Safe AKA Dangerous Drug Cabinet

The Qld Health (Drugs and Poisons) Regulation 1996 makes it very clear the manner that Schedule 8 or Dangerous Drugs must be stored. As well as how the safe or container is to be fixed to the floor or wall. Over the years I have seen many a non-complaint Dangerous Drug safe forced open over the years. Whilst some terminology in the act is a little confusing to the lay person it does make sense.

Many changes have been placed upon chemists and the manner drugs are administered over the last 20 years. Newer “patch” technology means traditional sized safes are now no longer suitable because the boxes are larger. I have fielded many enquiries from Chemists recently and hence we now stock over 8 different size containers for storing S8 drugs.

Another common issue that has cropped up is Pharmacies being located in shopping centres. It is challenging to secure a drug safe adequately. Often the wall or floor of the dispensary area is usually a raised chipboard platform. It is hard to anchor the drug safe in a manner Health Inspectors will sign off on.

ALL our drug safes are installed as per the Qld Health act specifications !

Drug Cabinets are locked mostly by keylocks. However we do supply them with digital or the less popular spin combination. All of the Dangerous Drug storage containers that we sell have adjustable shelving. We can even make a “custom sized drug safe” to fit a particular spot in the ever increasingly space poor pharmacy. We recently made one that was made to fit under the counter. It measured 700 x 700 x 500 mm H W D and had double doors to allow for easy access.

We design and install a S8 internal box or cabinet that helps to control these schedule 8 drug even further. The standard locking configuration is high security keylock. However we can also upgrade the lock to a multi-user digital lock or a fingerprint operated drug safe.

Please call me in regard to any question relating to buying or installing a DD safe. Call me to discuss the best way to safely secure or anchor them anywhere in Brisbane. Pictured below are a few pictures of the Drug safes we stock.

Click here for link to Qld Health Act

FAST Australia wide shipping available !

QLD Health act compliant drug safe

This drugsafe has an internal S8 cabinet !

This is how a compliant drug safe SHOULD look – the steel guard makes it harder to jimmy open !

This is the inside of a NON COMPLIANT drug safe – the brass tongue snaps when forced.

This HUGE double door cabinet weighs almost 700kg !

For more detail on the relevant Legislation ….go to our “resources” page and click the QLD Health Act PDF or click here…. QLD Health Act Dangerous Drugs

Drug Safe AKA Dangerous Drug Cabinet version 1.12