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Drug storage safe for Medical Marijuana

Over the last 20 years I have sold hundreds of safes for storing dangerous drugs. During this time I have seen the size of these Drug safes increase in size and capacity. Pharmacists were quick to realize the significant savings available from buy their stock in bulk. Additionally the type of drugs coming online also required larger boxes. Thus more space inside the safe is needed. In the last year I have seen a demand for a new type of safe. Now the Drug storage safe for Medical Marijuana has become vogue.

By nature Medicinal Marijuana is bulky. It follows that a safe that stores MM will need to be large in comparison to drug safes for tablets etc. Our largest Medical marijuana safe is 1800mm tall, 780mm wide and 500mm deep. Now whilst the size makes it attractive to those needing to store Medicinal Marijuana. Its the pull out drawers that make it a must have item. The pull out or rollout drawers are customizable and can be arranged to suit larger items in one part and smaller items in another section.

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Our new range of Imperium drug safes come in 5 different sizes. They come standard with a high grade digital lock and can be purchased with hinges on the left or right hand side. We can also change the digital lock with one that has a key over-ride in the rare instance the digital lock should fail. Transport is also available to any location in Australia. We can also arrange to have the safe installed professionally by one of our clever subcontractors.

Now if you need an even larger option for storing Medical Marijuana we have a large range of ready made transportable vaults and strong room doors. Our strong room doors for Medical Marihuana vaults come with electronic locking that can be connected to your existing security system. What ever your requirements for keeping  you MM safe we can help.

Drug storage safe for Medical Marijuana
This Is a Mid sized dangerous drug safe
Drug storage safe for Medical Marijuana
The pullout drawers make storing your stock a snap

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