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There are many different electric gate locks Brisbane, they can be separated into 2 groups. Pedestrian and Vehicular, in this post is I am only referring to Pedestrian gate locks. Known in the industry as electric gate releases, these can be further broken down into (most popular to least popular). Electric strikes, mag locks (magnetic locks) drop bolts and electric locks.Electric strikes have been around for some 40 years. They consist of a door (or gate) keeper that when energised by a power supply allows the door to open. Most commonly found in foyer door entries to unit blocks.

They make a buzzing sound and allow the door to be pushed or pulled open. Magnetic locks are relatively new. And are effectively a big electro magnet that holds the door or gate locked until the power is dropped.

An electric drop bolt is nothing more than a bolt that moved back & forth driven by a heavy duty solenoid. An Electric lock (often confused with the preceding devices) is a lock with a tongue that is locked/released by a powered solenoid. We can supply fit or service any or all of the above.

Electric gate locks work best when they are combined with an intercom or keypad. Often gates are subjected to the elements and rarely protected by a roof or cover. For this reason they are subject to failure or fault.

My professional opinion is that Mag locks are far more suitable and reliable than other locks. Because of their simplicity ( no moving parts) and availability in weatherproof formats. Often rated to the standard IP66 or similar they are suited to outdoor use.

For advice on a front gate intercom or for repairing or replacing electric locks and latches call us and we will be happy to help. We have been heavily involved  with electric gate locks Brisbane wide for over 25 years, call us on 1300 556500.


A standard 12 volt electric striker
A typical front door with a security intercom
Weather proof keypad which opens a gate
A Magnetic lock fitted to fire exit

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