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Electric strikes go by a variety of names. Electric door buzzer, electric lock keeper, 12v strike etc. That said their operation is quite straight forward. Apply an electric pulse and the strike will release allowing the door to be opened. This function can be done via a button next to the door or even some distance away. We get asked to do an electric strike installation quite regularly however the demand is waning. This is because there are now so many different electronic locks coming in from Asia.

A typical electric strike uses a 12v power supply. The power is used to either release the mechanism or keep it locked. This locking option is referred to either fail safe or fail secure. Some of the most common electric strike brands are Paddie, Harcor and Eff Eff. Doracs and FSH are two brands that are gaining market share due to their sharp pricing policy. Electric strikes are most commonly seen at the entrance to apartment buildings. The humble foyer door is the first line of defense at many unit complexes and apartments. However the demand for intercom systems being fitted to residential gates & doors is growing expediential. Thus electric strikes which work in tandem with door release intercoms are also becoming hugely popular.

After hours installation is also available to minimize noise etc

Alas I have seen numerous electric strikes and locks that either need repairing of replacing. This is usually because of a poor installation. An electric strike that is fitted incorrectly will create all manner of problems. Door closing devices also can cause problems for a electric door release system. A door closer is normally fitted to a foyer door to regulate the speed of the door closing. When installed or adjusted incorrectly It can allow unwanted persons access. The result being the security is severely compromised. It is important to have the right type of lock to work in conjunction with an electric strike. Call us today to get a quote for your electric strike installation. We cover all Brisbane suburbs including the Gold Coast & the Sunshine Coast.  


This is a typical electric strike installed into a metal frame


Electric strike installed into a Alluminium gate


Electric strike installation

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