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Electronic safe repairs Brisbane

Over the last 40 years I have witnessed safes go from key locking to spin combo to electronic. I am here to say that electronic may not be a reliable as the humble key lock but it sure is much more user friendly. Because of the sheer number of safes we sell, electronic safe repairs have become a major part of our daily work.

By far the most common problems are a result of batteries. We can do most electronic safe repairs the same day. The only hurdle is available spare parts. Major players such as CMI safes, Chubb safes and Kaba safes all have good stocks. However with the lesser known safes, we sometimes have to adapt what we have.

Typically safes sit quietly in the wardrobe in quiet contemplation. Then out of the blue a request to open is demanded, someone needs their passport to go overseas. Bupbow, the safe wont open, we get his scenario more in winter as the cold causes the batteries to playup. With quality safes they usually have store their batteries under the keypad.

This is allows for an easy battery change. However many cheaper safes have opted to put the batteries on the inside and then provide a over-ride key. I am NOT a fan of this arrangement as often the key is either lost or unavailable. In an emergency we can help you with your electronic safe repairs.

The starting point is to determine exactly what sort of safe you have. Simply email or text us a picture. There is a lot of conjecture as to which are the best batteries. I am not an electronics wizz so I tend to use any of the major brands. I simply advocate changing the batteries of your safe every 2 years.

Write the date on a sticker so you can see when the batteries were last changed. We can open ANY safe as we have lots of high tech gear and blueprints. Please remember the higher the quality the safe the harder it can be to open. Cheapie safes found in hardware stores are easy to open but sadly there arent many spares. Regardless the safe or problem you have call us for help on 1300 556500.

A high grade Lagard key pad!

From high grade vault doors to Bunnings safes

Unlike most locksmiths we repair safes EVERY day. We do 50 safe jobs a week they might do 2 !

A high grade Lagard key pad!

The biggest problem with cheap safes is spare parts

Often safes that have been damaged from an attempted break in are tricky to open

Mobile vans to all Brisbane suburbs !