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We do lots of emergency lock repairs and its usually at the worst possible time for the owner. Often locks fails when your racing to the airport or trying to open the doors to your business. Emergency lock work can be stressful if you dont carry a large volume of locks and spare parts. Over the last 40 years I have observed that door locks dont get much preventitive maintenance. As such they do break down but when your in a hurry it can be very frustrating.

From door locks, safe locks, cupboard locks you name it we have either fixed it or replaced it. Of course many other locksmiths will tout they can repair most locks but we have a unenvied reputation. We will make a new part if it cant be bought on our metal lathe. I regularly tell my staff that its not the easy jobs that makes you a master but the tricky ones.

Of course with all the new cheap locks flooding in from Asia often we have to adapt a lock to fit a door or application. Sometimes it appears cheaper to go to Bunnings and replace the lock. The problem with replacing a quality lock with a cheapie doesnt always appear at the most convenient time. In the olden days we did not have access to the instant lock market that we have now. But even with the might of Google sometimes locks cant be easily sourced.

With 30 years of lock repair history in Brisbane we have earned our stripes. The next challenge for us is electronic lock repairs. Our team of technicians are always learning about new electric or electronic locking systems. And no matter how reliable a mechanical or electronic lock is. They are always susseptable to abuse or some other factor. When locks need repairing even in the most dire emergency situation we want to help. Call us on our 24 helpline for more information.

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Heading over the Gateway enrout to an emergency lock repair at a Childcare centre

Even emergency lock repairs to digital door locks

We have all the specialist gear to repair any lock

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