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Just as you hear the door close you know immediately you have locked yourself out. As Homer Simpson says DOH ! But never fear help is only a phone call away. And when you need an emergency locksmith call-out anywhere in Brisbane at any time.

We can be there to open the door and save the day. Emergency lockouts can be quite stressful. Many people get agitated by this simple oversight. However we are not phased as we have been opening doors & fixing problematic locks for over 25 years.

We won’t try to argue about what constitutes an emergency locksmith call-out. If you think it’s a real emergency, that good enough for us. We will either get our dedicated Emergency Locksmith to come to you.

Or we will organize one of our other mobile locksmiths to stop what he is doing and make a bee line for your house or business. We have seen and heard it all before ! Children in locked toilets, house sitters patiently “sitting’ outside. The reasons may vary but the solution is always very straight forward.

For special circumstances we even offer a credit facility !

We have the skills and tools to open even the most tricky locks. Lock mal functions are probably most unpredictable lockouts we do. When the lock is broken we have to think laterally to find a solution.

We also operate our emergency locksmith call-out every single day of the year 24 hours a day. Many other locksmith will say they operate 24/7 but the reality is very different and we get lots of calls from eternally grateful people telling us that they have tried calling many others and they either get a switched off phone or a message bank. We also make it easy to pay for this service as we take all credit cards, eftpos, and we can even organize an account for special circumstances, call us today on 1300 556500

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Emergency lock repair service Brisbane
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Emergency locksmith Call-out
A commercial glass door lock with an escape lever fitted

Emergency locksmith Call-out Brisbane city & suburbs

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