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Mobile locksmith Redbank Plains

Redbank Plains has to be one of the most vibrant and dynamic suburbs in Brisbane. Its residents have patiently waited and waited for the upgrade of the Ipswich Motorway but the wait was worth it. The Ipswich motorway has opened up new opportunities and made the suburbs between Brisbane and Ipswich very livable. Being based in Coopers Plains we can be in Redbank Plains in 20 minutes. Since 1988 we have been opening, fixing, repairing and replacing locks of every conceivable lock type. This has been in response to calls from Redbank Plains and its surrounding suburbs. These days everybody is time poor. So when there is a call for a mobile Locksmith Redbank Plains residents can be sure we will be there to help.

We are members of the Master Locksmiths Association of Australia. The Locksmiths Guild of Australia but more importantly we have over 300 Google reviews. Now anyone can make a flashy website but its impossible to fake nearly 300 Google reviews. And this is where our credibility and customer service stands out.

Most noteworthy, each of our locksmiths has been cleared by the Qld Police service. Additionally having their fingerprints and palmprints recorded. In Queensland anyone who installs or services security equipment must be licensed. We have both Class 1 and class 2 security licenses. There is however a loophole that allows unlicensed locksmiths to operate. So long as they only work on domestic jobs and cars. It does however baffle me as to why anyone would allow an unlicensed locksmith to even touch their keys.

Seven News Brisbane exposes Locksmith Scammers operating in Brisbane last year ! Click here to see the story !

Furthermore we can also advise you on security locks and equipment and make all your locks work from one key. Our Rocklea base has a plethora of highly technical metal fabricating machinery. This allows us to repair or make lock parts from scratch. Any work we do is also covered by our warranty policy. This ensures any call back is done when it suits you rather than us or like many others when they are in the area. We accept all forms of payment including Amex and if you cant pay because your purse or wallet has been stolen we can in certain circumstances extend a credit account. Whatever your problem we are keen to help just call 1300 556500 !

Click here for security tips from Qld Police

Mobile locksmith Redbank Plains version 2.1

All vans are sign written, staff are uniformed and carry Security Licenses !

All or techs are uniformed and carry ID

Unlike many smaller post office box locksmiths we have professional premises

DONT use someone who is UNLICENSED !! no matter how cheap they seem