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Extra large Drug safe Australia

Large Australian Pharmaceutical companies reward those who buy in bulk. This has led to an increase in demand for those needing an extra large drug safe. Out latest offering is the DSK9 and its a monster. Measuring 1700 x 850 x 550 ( H W D ) this drug safe is big enough to cater for the largest stock holding. In Qld we have some of the strictest bulk drug storage regulations in Australia. And this drug cabinet has all the requirements to meet or exceed Qld Healths regs.

The DSK9 has a volumetric capacity of 600 litres and weighs a hefty 610kg. Construction is 12mm steel finished with a durable enamel paint. Standard locking is via a high grade digital lock which is extremely easy to change. The Qld Health regs require a 6 lever key lock or a Sargent & Greenleaf style lock or equivalent. The Digital lock that secures this safe is definitely of higher grade. This safe has 8 shelves which you can adjust to suit your specific requirements.

We can ship our safes ANYWHERE in Australia !

Regularly I am asked if the safe can be opened if criminals were to cut the hinges off. The short answer is no as this safe has a “dogging bar” which keeps the door locked even when the hinges are removed. Now installing this 600kg safe will be tricky and where there are steps and stairs it becomes very difficult. However we have the skills and equipment to install the safe so it complies with the Qld regs. Of course when you buy your safe from us you will also get our great after sales service too. Often we get calls from people who are in trouble because the online seller they used has disappeared.

We are experts when it comes to safes and safe delivery. Secondly our record stands on its own and with 30 years of history you will never be left in the lurch. Thirdly our large range will ensure you will get the perfect drug safe for your circumstance. Lastly we WANT your business and we will strive hard to meet or exceed your expectations.

Extra large Drug safe Australia vers 1.23

Here is the link to the Qld Health Act 

With a huge door and adjustable shelves this safe makes drug storage a snap

8 shelves that can be easily configured