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Extra large drug safe Darwin

Darwin Pharmacists are similar to Pharmacists up & down the rest of Australia. In that when it comes to keeping dangerous drugs secure they find most safes on the Australian Market are too small.

Our latest offering is the Emeperium DS series. We are getting rave reviews about these safes for 2 reasons.

One being the shear size of the largest drug safe and the roll out drawers. Demand for an extra large drug safe Darwin chemists will surely increase when they realise just how much more efficient they are. The largest dangerous drug safe is the DS5 measuring 1800 x 760 x 500mm.

The increase in sales of these huge drug safes is driven by two factors. Medical Marijuana and the increase in Dangerous Drugs. I have also heard that many Chemists are being forced to increase the amount of drugs they are holding. Apparently there are financial incentives for ordering in larger volumes and penalties for smaller orders.

We have more than 400 FIVE star Google reviews, way more than MANY of our competitors !

The Emperium range of drug safes come standard with a high grade electronic digital lock. However a key locking option is also available. The range caters for smaller volumes of drugs as well as bulk quantities of dangerous drugs.

  • We have suitably qualified sub contractors who can deliver & install our safes anywhere in the Norther Territory. Its also worth noting that the Emperium range of dangerous drug safes can be supplied either left hand or right hand hinges.
  • This is important as the door must be opened to around 170 degrees to allow the drawers to be fully extended.

Lastly there are numerous suppliers vying for your business but our commitment to customer service is obvious in MANY of our five star Google reviews. We have more than 400 of these 5 star reviews which is many many time more than most of my competitors. Please feel free to reach out & ask any question you may have. We have many safe in stock and can be dispatched within a few days.

Extra large drug safe Darwin
Pull out drawers make retrieving product from the very back of a DD safe easy
Extra large drug safe Darwin
This TALL and skinny DS4 is perfect for small shops
large drug safe Darwin



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