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Extra large drug safe Perth

Dangerous drug safes have always been a popular safe and over the years we have sold hundreds of them. That said we are now seeing requested for extra large drug safes and this tied directly to Medical Marijuana. Medical marijuana is a bulky product and of course MUST be secured correctly to comply with various state government regulations. Our latest extra large drug safe Perth Pharmacists are buying is popular because of its size and the fact that it has pull out drawers.

Perth Chemists shops are ALWAYS crammed with stock and having a storage system that allows for easier access just makes sense. Rather than have to move a number of items to get to a product at the back of the shelf. Its now as easy as pulling the drawer out and going straight to the item. Its a time saving option that has bee embraced by chemist all over Australia.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is apparent in our 400 FIVE star Google reviews

We regularly ship our drug safes to all corners of this vast continent.  Perth WA is only a few days extra from a shipping point of view. We have a team of dedicated safe delivery agents. Who can install any of our dangerous drug safes to WA Health’s strict standards. Our Emperium Drug safes come in 6 sizes and are handed either left or right handed. The standard locking option is a high security electronic digital lock. Key locks are also available if required.

Now our Emperium drug safes are great BUT there is only one issue that needs to be considered. These safes come standard with roll out drawers BUT can be supplied with shelves. When they are supplied with pull out drawers the door must be opened to about 170 degrees. This will allow the drawers to roll out. If the door is only opened to 90 degrees the back edge of the door obstructs the drawers from coming out.

Extra large drug safe Perth
The Emeprium drug safes come standard with pull out drawers
large drug safe Melbourne
This Emeprium DS5 is 1800 x 760 x 500 mm

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