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Extra wide vault door

I have sold numerous vault and strongroom doors around Australia. In fact this year alone we have installed 15 doors in the Brisbane metro area. Some people want a Vault door to complete their personal armoury. However recently we have seen substantial sales of Vault doors for Medical Marijuana. Medicinal Marijuana is certainly a growth industry and its a bulky product so traditional drug safes are generally too small. Now a standard Vault door is fine BUT an extra wide vault door is a real game changer. Especially when you have a pallet of product to wheel through the door way. I have had a few clients who asked for a standard width strongroom door. And then call back later and ask if we can install a wider door in place of the standard door.

Will over 360 x 5 star Google reviews our commitment to customer satisfaction is plain to see !

So its definitely worth thinking long term and whilst you may not need a wide vault door initially. If you anticipate an increase in Medical Marijuana sales it might be prudent to plan for the future. Our extra wide vault doors can be handed with the hinges on the left hand or right hand side. They come standard with a high grade digital lock and keylock. That said we can install a lock that will interface with your existing security system. That way your staff can use their prox swipe card or a fingerprint reader to open the vault.

Our extra wide strongroom doors have a 12mm steel door plate and a 6mm steel frame. The standard size is 1300mm wide and 1900mm tall, the idea being a standard sized pallet can be wheeled through the door way. We can ship our extra width vault doors to any location throughout Australia. We are happy to either install them for you, arrange our subbie to do it or educate your builder of the process. If you have other non standard requirements we can definitely help you. From extra width strongroom doors to extra tall strongroom doors its all doable for us. Oh and whilst some dealers may be able to sell you a vault door because we install them our knowledge is more pertinent.

Extra wide vault door
This door is installed onto a “relocatable vault”
Extra wide vault door
This door is about to be installed onto a Besser block wall
An Extra wide CMI CD4 strongroom door
Installing an extra wide strongroom door can have its challenges
Medical Marijuana container Vault

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