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Fireproof data storage safe Brisbane

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So many Brisbane business owners rely on the internet. In fact its hard to imagine how we could do business without it. Well, its certainly a leap of faith to think that it won’t crash even if it’s for only a few hours. Similarly, what would happen if your backup routine was interrupted or lost? It is prudent to keep a backup of your important data onsite. And to do this you would definitely need a fireproof data storage safe.

Data safes which are correctly termed media safes or media cabinet. These are very different from safes or cabinets that are designed to protect paper. Data safes are made in such a way that in the event of a fire the inside temperature will not rise above 50 degrees Celsius. If the inside temperature was to rise to 70 degrees Celsius the heat would damage the sensitive media such as tape drives, DVD’s. hard drives, USB sticks etc.

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The term fireproof is quite erroneous as there are few items that are impervious to heat.

It was a term that was bandied about liberally over the past 60 years but is rarely used today. If someone was to label a safe fireproof or waterproof it could be construed as false advertising. Fire resistance is a much more accurate term. The term usually has a qualifier, such as a time period or specification.

Most data safes we sell are fire resistant for 1 hour for data. This means that they will protect the contents for 1 hour in a standard fire scenario. Data safes are generally made to a standard or specification such as the underwriters UL350. In this particular standard you will find the maximum temperature that the test is taken to as well as the duration.

We used to sell lots of very large fireproof data storage safes but now smaller ones are most commonly requested.

The internal sizing of data safes is measured in litres. Although the internal sizes are nearly always written in brochures in millimeters. The Guardall GD1000 (54 litres) is our most popular commercial data safe whilst the GD510 (5 litres ) is gaining popularity with small business’s and those homeowners who are worried about fire.

When buying a safe it is important to note the following:

  1. Data safes/cabinets are not suitable for storing valuables !
  2. Paper safes can not protect data from the heat in a typical house fire !


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