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Fob Security system Brisbane

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A fob is slang for a proximity card but the term is used extensively in Australia. A fob security system allows you to add and delete “users” at will and depending on the design this can either be done from a computer terminal or at the door with a PDA or similar.

A fob security system is actually an access control security system

The real beauty of a Fob security system is that you can also assign time zones to different doors as well as different levels of security. We recently installed a large system in a multi story building in the Brisbane CBD and then interfaced that system with their factory some 20 klms away. This allows staff to use their fob to access both sites and then the system stores the data and then posts this data into a format that allows the payroll to be formatted from.



fob security system
A face recognition readier installation
Fob Security system Brisbane
A standard fob card reader
Fob Security system Brisbane
A typical Pin code keypad
Finger Print Reader
Finger Print Reader

Electronic security technology is advancing at an amazing rate

This technology can make life more organized and simplistic. We now have the ability to incorporate padlocks, switch locks and other unusual locks with fobs. It is now possible to have a padlock on a gate or container that will only open at particular times and by only those who have authority.

Fob security systems can also incorporate finger print readers, Iris readers and the latest technology being face recognition devices.

We have found that finger print locks and associated readers are either too sensitive and wont work when the print is damaged  or dirty or not sensitive enough that it can allow entry when it shouldn’t. Iris readers whilst great are still not cost effective. We have installed a number of face recognition locks and so far they have performed very well.

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Myth busters episode where they fool finger print readers

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