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Free safe opening service Brisbane

Free safe opening service yes free, but of course there is sometimes a catch. There are numerous safes in Brisbane homes and businesses. Most are locked and even a few that are locked open so why would we open a locked safe for free. Well its all about the contents and the quality of safe.

Opening a safe can be quite complex and the cheapest we charge to open a low grade hardware safe is $66. Yes if you bring your cheapie hardware safe in to our Rocklea workshop we will open it up and charge a maximum of $66. But what if its bolted down, well we have to come to you.

In the real world if you get a skilled tradesmen out to your home or business 95% charge a call out fee. The call out fee pays for vehicle costs as well as the “down time”. This is the time spent driving to and from the job.

How do you get nearly 300 Google reviews ? Simple do quality work & do what you say, 98% are 5 star as well ?

Sure there are a few tradies who don’t charge call out fee’s but over the last 25 years I have observed they never amount to much and soon disappear. So our call fee varies depending on where in Brisbane you are. As well as the time you want the job done etc however it is usually around $128 plus GST.

That’s all well and good but what about a normal quality safe rather than the easy to open cheapies. Ones which are designed to make life hard for anyone attempting to get into them without a combination or key. To open a standard safe with a lost combination we normally charge anywhere from $300 to $800. Other factors such as the grade of safe. Jewellers and Bank safes can cost up to $1500 to open.

Now to get your safe opened for free we obviously need to recoup the cost somehow and thats where the deal is done. We will open your safe for free and split the value of the contents if the contents are valued at more than $300. In the event there is nothing inside will charge you $300 + gst, so if you want to take advantage of this offer please send a photo of your safe through. The email is and please send a few different shots.

We will also buy an old safe and take the safe away for free. However it depends on the type of safe, the access etc. Is it located in a garage or on the top story which has a spiral staircase ?  Is the safe open, there are many factors to take into account. So to take advantage of our free safe opening service call or email today on 1300 556500.

A standard grade safeThis safe is 2200 kgA high grade safe – Check out how thick the door is !A classic cheapie safeThis Chubb safe was damaged in a huge fire. We were contracted to open & retrieve the valuable contents. Note after 4 hours of intense heat the contents remained in A1 conditionWe open strongroom doors as well !

Free safe opening service Brisbane – version 1.21

As well as free safe opening service check out our free safe removal service !