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Guardall safes Brisbane agent – Quality safes


Guardall safes are definitely the safe company to watch. They were one of the first Australian companies to start importing safes from Korea and China late last century. Slowly they have improved and expanded their range of safes. We were appointed Guardall safes Brisbane agent almost 12 years ago and we continue to support and recommend their safes. Willingness to listen to suggestions is probably the aspect that most endears them to me. For each time I see a problem in the field they take on board any ideas I may have and then improve the product.

The number of Locksmiths selling safes in Brisbane has decreased markedly over the last 20 years and I believe this is due to the number of small van based locksmiths now operating. It is expensive to rent a workshop and then fill it with expensive and heavy stock. However 16 years ago we made a decision to become a major player in the Brisbane safe selling market.

Becoming Guardall safes Brisbane agent allowed us to stock a full range of their more popular lines. As well as a few of their slower selling safes. The most exciting safe they sell I think is the KCR series. It is pitched to the upper end of the quality spectrum. The KCR615 is a small high grade safe that measure 615 mm tall. Yet weighs 320 kg which is perfect for protecting Gold and jewellery from safe crackers.

Another good seller is their inground floor safes which cater for most demands. The BF1500 is the standard to which most safe makers try to reach. The BF1500 is well priced and even has a door spring which assists with lifting the door up.

We also carry out Guardall safe repairs and as such carry a large range of spare parts in stock. Of course we are keen to offer free advice on changing codes for Guardall safes. If you are looking for Guardall Safes Brisbane agent look no further and call 1300 556500.

Check how thick the door is on this KCR3

A quality floor safe, stainless steel lid !! the Guardall BF1800E

Guardall safes Brisbane agent – Quality safes !