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Gun safe repairs Brisbane

We perform so many gun safe repairs in Brisbane on so many different gun safes. Winchester, Spika, Big Iron, Buffalo River and Fortress gun safes to mention a few. The gun safe repairs Brisbane residents ask us to do are wide and varied. From faulty digital locks, to lost keys our safe opening division has been asked to fix many problems. Alas many gun safes dont use standard locks or components. Often when we service many less popular gun safes we have to modify the locking mechanism.

Usually Brisbane gun safe owners need their safe repairs done the same day as often owners need their guns urgently. Sometimes we have to replace a digital lock on a gun safe. Sometimes we have to drill the safe lock because the lock has mobile technician access failed completely. Occasionally gun safe owners lock the over ride key inside and the digital safe lock batteries go flat. Most often Brisbane gun safe owners bolt their gun safes down. If the gun safe lock fails the only way to get it opened is to get us out. Our mobile safe technicians can quickly diagnose the problem and offer a solution.

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Bunnings gun safes along with many other cheap Asian gun safes generally have a very short life cycle. Often these cheap gun safes have low quality digital locks and as a backup have an over-ride key. Sadly this key is often lost and inside the safe when the electronic safe lock fails. We can also relocate your gun safe should you move house. Whenever we bolt a new gun safe down onto a concrete floor we also suggest anchoring it through the back. This makes it much harder to steal.

Of course if you need a new gun safe we are also very keen to assist. We have over 20 gun safes on display at our showroom, Our favorite gun safe brands are Lokaway, Huntpro, Guardall and Dominator. Call or email us for more information.

Gun safe repairs Brisbane


Gun safe repairs Brisbane

Gun safe repairs Brisbane
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