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Gun safe review (Australia )

by | Jul 16, 2020 | . | 0 comments

There is no doubt that guns make great media. Recently in Brisbane a couple of crims stole a car and fired a few rounds off. Predictably this sent the media into a hysteria.

How to buy a gun safe

The point being that gun owners will continue to come under pressure to “secure” their firearms. Ebay and Gumtree also make it so easy to buy a gun safe. The trick of course is to buy one that keeps the Police happy and buy one that represents good value for money.

Complying with the Qld weapons act is easy, just buy a cheapie (safe) online. However beware these are usually made from light gauge steel (1.8 – 3.0 mm ) and are easy to crack. There is however a second group of gun enthusiasts.

Those wanting to comply with the law but also don’t want some petty crim from nicking their prized firearms. Having a few guns and then add in some scopes and other accessories. How quickly it adds up, the $10,000 mark comes up fast. That makes it worth spending a little extra time doing some research so for a no holds barred gun safe review, read on.

Gun safes ( long-arms ) can be divided into 4 groups.

Cheapie gun safe review from KGB

These cheapies have light gauge walls and doors and cheap locks.

1. Cheapies

Cheapies are available just about anywhere and can be found on Ebay, Bunnings, Masters, and many gun shops. They are easy to open with a pinch bar or screw driver. Most often they weigh less than 50kg and have either a “solenoid digital lock” or a keylock.

Cheapies are NOT worth a tinkers cuss ! This 14 gun cheapie weighs just 70 kg and sells for $280. Just 10 minutes work for an amateur crim and your prized guns are GONE.

2. ‘Good’ Quality

Good quality safes such as Lokaway and CMI have had to fight hard over the last 10 years to maintain their market share. They usually have 6mm thick doors (sometimes 12) and walls, have “safe industry” standard locks and weigh up to 120kg. Its worth noting that like most things you get what you pay. In the safe industry the weight of a safe is a simple guide as to the strength of a safe.

Lokaway Gun Safe from KGB Security

This Guardall G4E weighs 220 kg and sells for around $1840. Its a good example of a composite safe. With a 6mm skin on both door and body.

3. Composites

Composites use multiple layers of materials The 3rd group is the Composite gun safes and these are by far the most popular in the United states. These safe usually have a 2-3 mm outer skin, a layer of concrete or similar insulation material and another layer of steel as the inside skin.

Popular brands of these “composites” are Guardall (an Aussie Company) Liberty, Browning and Fort Knox to mention the more popular. They usually weigh in excess of 200kg and offer very good protection from crims with pinch bars and other hand tools. They are sold under other names in Australia but sell around the $2000 mark.

The CMI R7C sells for around $1300 and has a 6mm steel plate door and 3mm body. It also weighs around 130kg

4. Traditional

Lastly, we have traditional safes that are tricked up with racks instead of shelves. Due to the size of many long arms safes under 1500mm are not suitable. Belo is a good example of a traditional Plate safe.

In the safe industry we always look at the value of the risk that we are to protect. Next, find a safe which has been designed to protect that value, this is called a safes “cash rating”. So if your firearms & accessories are worth $30,000 you would be crazy to put it in a safe that only has a $10,000 cash rating.

In closing, make sure you seek advice on gun safes from an expert! I am sure you would not give much credence to my opinion on the virtues of one rifle against another. Likewise the opinion of a hardware store worker on which safe is better is almost worthless.

I think it make more sense when you buying a safe to remember most safes have a 15 year cycle. So make sure that you buy right first time. Know what to look for and that way you will be able to identify a poor quality safe.  For professional advice on gun safe storage requirements we always call on the team at SSAA for any updates in the changes in laws.

The key to a good safe is ‘how long will it fight off would be crims until it cracks open? but keep in mind there is no such thing as an uncrackable safe; what you get with quality security products (safes, locks or alarms etc) is more time.  The longer it takes, the more likely the crims will give up and leave, empty handed.

This video, even though from the US, is a global issue. (5 mins)

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Click here to see a top grade gun safe test

Thank you to the Staff at SSAA for always answering our questions about changes to gun laws etc. so that we can be better at serving our gun owners community.

The CMI R7C sells for around $1300 and has a 6mm steel plate door and 3mm body. It also weighs around 130kg

This 2nd Hand CMI would be great for 12 – 15 rifles. Weight is 400kg and sells for around $2000

Another cheapie pried open .. Surprised ?

Cheap safes are easy to crack open !

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Tim Krekt
Tim Krekt
19:46 14 Sep 21
Great range of high security products. Professional and prompt installation.Highly recommendread more
Harrison Pozzebon
Harrison Pozzebon
01:44 03 Sep 21
I snapped my car key to my old defender and need a replacement, withing the hour I had a new set. Excellent work, the keys worked perfectly unlike competitors such as Bunnings. If you want quality work go see KGB Locksmith & Security!read more
Sandra W
Sandra W
04:07 23 Aug 21
Great service - very efficient and professional- responded quickly to change locks following a break and enter. Exactly what you need after the harrowing experience of a home more
Cyrus Parsa
Cyrus Parsa
22:26 17 Aug 21
Amazing customer service with knowledgeable staff who are willing to help you to find what you need. Many thanks to office staff, warehouse manager and delivery and installation team.Well done, keep up the good work.👍👍👍read more
Roger Thompson
Roger Thompson
01:14 14 Aug 21
KGB were able to resolve my big bunch of keys from 10 to 2 with what a layman might call locksmithing magic ! Top marks for friendly and efficient service. I would recommend this company in a heartbeatread more
Angela Barlow
Angela Barlow
03:47 13 Aug 21
Called in with a padlock issue which was fixed on the spot. Wayne provided great advice on how to avoid the issue occurring in the future. Thanks 🙂read more
Todd Furlong
Todd Furlong
20:53 05 Aug 21
The service from KGB security was above and beyond. They gave me advice on restoring an antique safe for display and even helped me find parts. Highly recommend there more
Steve Groves
Steve Groves
06:46 07 Jul 21
Even several years after I purchased a safe from KGB they provided prompt and personal service to help me out they have a great customer focus. I highly recommend themread more
Hiba Bee
Hiba Bee
05:05 02 Jul 21
I needed my car key repaired, I had no idea if that was possible or if i was even at the right place. I rocked up at KGB Coopers Plains with no mask on and we are in LOCK DOWN :OI was KINDLY reminded that I needed to have a mask. No attitude, No frowning, just absolute POLITENESS. I eventually managed to find a mask in my car.Although they were not able to help me, they took the time to have a look at my problem (key) and even gave me a temporary solution. Thanking you Jamie. I was also directed to the right place/person and offered to call that person for me. Thanking you Wayne.Though this is just the normal way to interact with one another. It seems these days that a lot of people have forgotten that we all need one another and a simple smile or a kind word go a long way.Best customer service 🙂 Once more, Thank you to both Jamie and Wayneread more
Winston Axel Jones
Winston Axel Jones
00:16 19 May 21
Wayne was able to get Paul their master locksmith to open my cash drawer within a matter of seconds, due to the cheap design and locking mechanism it was deemed an unviable repair for which they didn't charge me anything. Very professional operation and I have no hesitation in recommending them for your lock and security needs, now or in the more
Anh Lim
Anh Lim
04:41 17 Apr 21
Cal and his team are exceptional. One of our business safes wouldn’t open over the weekend... I contacted Cal on the Saturday and he organised a specialist locksmith to arrive at the store and sort out the problem. They provided prompt, professional and reliable service. I highly recommend KGB Coopers Plain!read more
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