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Heavy safe moving service Brisbane

Our heavy safe moving service is dedicated to providing a professional option to moving large and heavy safes in Brisbane. Heavy safes are defined as anything over 1000kg. These monsters can cause extreme damage to property and personnel if the correct procedures are not followed. We have been doing heavy safe moving in Brisbane for almost 15 years. During that time we have moved many hundreds of safes of every type to just about every Brisbane suburb.

Occasionally we get called to a safe that a furniture mover has attempted but found out it was too heavy and left it. We also see trailers where the floor has broken under the weight of the safe and are called to save the day. The first thing we do is ascertain the exact weight of the safe. We then draw up a workplace risk assessment or safety plan, we will then use appropriately rated trolleys etc to help us move them.

After hours safe moving also available !

Our heavy safe moving service is sometimes called upon to remove old safes from vacated buildings. This is fairly straight forward if the safe is on the ground floor. However if it located on an upper floor we must either use the elevator the stairs or a crane. Every elevator has a “safe working load limit” which must be strictly adhered too. Where the safe is close to the limit we sometimes call a lift technician to oversee the lift operation. Its not worth moving a safe in an elevator that is close to the limit.

This is because of potential damage as well as the danger to staff which can be immense.
Moving a safe down stairs is also a very delicate procedure, the construction of the stairs must be taken into account. If doubtful a structural engineer is used to sign off on the stairs when a heavy safe is involved. The 3rd option is to crane the safe out and this is sometimes the only option. In closing, what ever type of safe or its location our heavy safe moving team can help just call 1300 556500.

This safe is 2200 kg

This safe needed 4 men to move it.

Floor support jacks are used where required.

Safety safety safety its not worth the risk in this litigious world !

A 2500kg safe can make you sweat !

Taking a 200kg safe up the stairs with our electric stair climbing machine

We had to remove the door because the lift load limit was only 1400 kg

Sometimes the position of the safe makes moving it tricky. This safe was partially buried

This door weighs 440 kg

An 1100 kg monster !

Up is sometimes the ONLY option

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