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Heavy safe removalist Brisbane

When there is a need for a heavy safe removalist Brisbane business owners and residents need not worry about holes in walls and squashed fingers. The reason is because we are safe moving experts. We have been in business for over 28 years. Around 15 years ago we expanded our safe division becoming one of two dedicated Chubb safe Premium dealers.

Safe moving is a specialist profession and originally we contracted all our safe moving. However we soon found it more convenient and cost effective to move our own safes. We originally moved only safes that weighed less than 300 kg. Slowly we gained the expertise and experience to move the biggest safes and heaviest safes. We regularly move safes weighing in excess of 2500kg.

Over the last 10 years we have developed specialist heavy safe removalist gear and techniques. Workplace safety is definitely our number one goal. Whilst it may take a little longer to move a heavy safe safely. Remember if there was to be a accident it could affect everyone in a dramatic way.

After hours safe moving also available !

There are four things that affect the outcome of any heavy safe move. The weight or the safe, the place it is coming or going to, and the route the safe take. Another considerations is what the floor  is made of. The best way to accurately determine the weight of the safe is to positively identify it. This is done with manufacturers records and experience.

We can identify almost any safe once we can visually inspect it. That’s why a photo of a safe can help so much so to help estimate the cost in moving a heavy safe. We often ask our clients to send a photo of the safe. Steps and stairs can also make moving a heavy safe very difficult. This is reflected in any estimate along with the type of floor it is to be moved over.

Finally we often remove safes that are no longer needed. As there is a trend away from cash towards electronic funds. This can be seen by the number of safes that Banks now have, about 75% less than they did 20 years ago. So selling a safe to recover the cost of moving it can be harder. If you need any advice on moving or shifting a safe send an email ( or call us on 1300 556500.

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