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High security gun safe Australia

So there is a lot of dodgy information about safes on the internet because that the nature of the internet. I have 40 years experience in the safe industry and by golly gosh haven’t there been some changes. Now when it comes to securing guns and pistols all you have to do is to comply with the relevant States legislation. Now the States really try to make it easy to comply and as such the requirements are pretty soft. By soft I mean the specs on securing guns are a minimum. They dont set out that the gun safes have to be crack proof, they just want you to lock your guns up. Locked in a manner that MOST crims cant easily get access to them. Now there is a second group of gun enthusiasts, those who want a high security gun safe so their prized guns are NOT stolen.

Maybe you have top of the range guns that are worth some really big bucks. Maybe your guns were really hard to buy or even of limited edition. Most gun safes that are sold are sold with price being the most significant factor. Most gun safes have a 3 mm body or even less common a 6mm body or door. Now 3 or 6mm is really really easy to cut with a cordless angle grinder let alone a 9 inch 240 volt one. So if you dont want crims to steal your guns you will definitely need a high security gun safe. Okay so what is a high security gun safe and remember an angle grinder is a pretty nasty attack tool. Well in the safe industry we grade safes from easy to hard by using a yardstick called cash rating. You can buy a safe with $10,000 cash rating or even one with a $200,000 cash rating.

Compare our more than 300 five star Google reviews against our opposition !

So how does a low grade stand up to an angle grinder, the answer is not very well. A safe with a $100,000 cash rating will absolutely give crims a run for their money. Okay I hear you say, why dont gun safe makers make heavy duty or high security gun safes. Its simple economics, they are really hard to sell. The gun safe makers go after the most lucrative share of the market and ignore the top end. We have LOTS of new and second hand high grade safes that can be turned into high grade gun safes. They just need to be tall enough inside and then have some racking fitted. If I was asked to rate ALL the guns safes on the Australian market I would cough first. Then rate the best ones with a $30,000 cash rating. So when you use that yardstick buying an ex bank safe or jewellers safe makes a lot of sense.

In short the strongest gun safe is one that has concrete, stainless steel plates, relocking devices which all combine to deter crims. I hear people say “oh if a criminal wants to get in you cant stop them”. What rubbish, if that were true all banks would be empty. So if you have guns that you dont want stolen you will need to buy a good safe. One that has a cash rating that matches the value of your guns. Also high grade gun safes are really heavy but no worries. We can deliver & install any safe up to 3000kg. Call or email me for more info as I am keen to help.
This Chubb Europa has a $100,000 cash rating and a 60 minute fire rating

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