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High security key locks Brisbane

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High security key locks used to be rare in Brisbane. However we are installing these locks faster than you might think and the reason is the internet. In years past the only places we installed high security keylocks was in high risk applications. Such as Banks, boardrooms, Jewellery shops, Police interview rooms and other places where security was paramount. Over the last 25 years we have seen the number of quality high security key lock systems available swell. They have grown from 1 or 2 (30 years ago) to more than 10 and the cost has come down significantly thanks to this competition.

One of the most popular high security key locks was Abloy’s 6mm 10 disk lock. This lock was very popular but being made in Finland but there were difficulties getting it to mate up with many of the Australian lock bodies. Next came Kaba 20S and installing high security locks was a bit hotch potch. Next Australia Lock Company released the BiLock locking system in 1980. This system has dominated this part of the market for the last 20 years. Of course all good things come to an end. The patents which have protected BiLock from cheap imitations are close to an end.

Bilock which is simple in design, almost pickproof and easy to service is being phased out. It is to be  replaced by Australian Lock Company’s new high security key system Galaxy. There has been much discussion on Locksmith forums as to Galaxy’s reliability. However coming from the people who created Bilock I am sure they will iron all the bugs out of it.

We after much searching have settled upon a high security lock system called EVVA. Unique in design, simple to operate and with patent protection until 2022. It ticks all the usual boxes that a high security locking system should have. It is pickproof drill resistant, easy to work with and most important, is resistant to lock bumping. Lock bumping has turned, the lock industry on its head since it was published in 2005 by a Dutch lock picking group called TOOOL. This information suddenly made it possible for just about anyone to open a standard lock quickly and easily and suddenly the need for better locks started.

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We use and recommend EVVA high security lock cylinders !

A standard Lockwood commercial lock cylinder

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