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Home safes Brisbane Qld

Here’s a fact, there has never been so much choice when it comes to buying a home safe. You can buy them online, from any hardware store from as little as $40. However I have never seen so many break ins performed on many of these so called “safes” before. Quite simply the vast majority of “home safes” are below par and you would be better off hiding your valuables under your mattress. We have a large range of home safes Brisbane residents can see and touch BEFORE parting with their hard earned cash on site at our Brisbane head office in Coopers Plains.

A home safe is a particular “grade” of safe that has a “cash rating” up to $20,000. Safes are made in many different grades with the most popular being home safes. Cash ratings (sometimes referred to as Insurance rating) are used as a measure of how hard a safe is to crack open. A safe with a $10,000  cash rating should be used to protect valuables (combined values) from crims armed with basic hand tools. A safe with a $60,000 cash rating is designed to defend against crims with drills, angle grinders and more sophisticated safe cracking gear.

Over 100 new and used safes on display in our showroom !

The vast majority of cheapie hardware safes (office works also) have either NO cash rating or an extremely low one. How could anyone think a $60 safe could protect anything from any crim? Crims love it when you gather up all your possessions and place them in the one spot. It saves them much time and effort. All they have to do is crack it open and there off.

There are NUMEROUS video’s on YouTube showing anyone how to crack open these cheapies. Check for high quality slim wallet for sale on site. Of course if you think buying a cheapies will save you money think again. Cheapies are very unreliable and use the cheapest lock components money can buy. It’s a case of WHEN the cheapie will fail rather than if and if it fails. Here is a common scenario, you’re heading to the airport and need your passport and the safe freezes up.


We are the Brisbane safe experts and love sharing our knowledge & skill base so call us anytime to discuss anything about safes !

We have a large range to choose from !

Most cheap hardware safes are easy to crack !

This Lord MC350 is actually a Diplomat safe – ONLY suitable for use as fire safe. It has a $500 cash rating – see video below !

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Click here to see a “typical” Youtube safe cracking video

Click here to see a safe expert talk about cash ratings – Note we don’t sell or recommend Diplomat safes