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Please DONT buy a Bunnings safe to protect your valuables. Their safes are poor quality and easily cracked open. When you do even a basic search of their safes your see review after review dismissing them as rubbish. We have sold numerous home safes Gold Coast residents use to keep their valuables safe. Based in Coopers Plains we have a 400m warehouse with lots and lots of safes on display. Of course there are many choices for buying a home safe however its worth noting a couple of points.

Unlike most ONLINE only safe sellers we operate from a legitimate shopfront and have security licenses. It amazes me that people will buy a safe from a seller that is unknown to them. In that they operate from a home garage or dont have a security license. You can look up our security license on the Qld Govt office of Fair Training website. Keep in mind that whoever you buy your safe from will know your address and also that you have someting worth locking away.

For over 30 years we have operated our business and built a large base of satisfied customers. Our Google reviews reflect our commitment to customer satisfaction. You can request that your new safe is delivered in an unmarked vehicle. Of course buying a new home safe is only half the story. We field numerous calls from desparate people needing help with low batteries etc. Of course we help where we can but occasionally the obscure cheapies give us no option but to drill them open.

You can be confident that buying a new home safe will be both straight forward and stress free. Call or email us today we are keen to help.

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