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Home security alarm systems Brisbane City & suburbs


I grew up in Melbourne and when I moved to Brisbane some 33 years ago. Moving to Qld I was amazed at how “lax” the security on peoples homes was compared to my old home. Well I wish we could go back to the days where we didn’t have to lock our cars and homes religiously.

There is and will always be debate over why the crime rate is increasing each year but one thing is for sure, gone are the days when you didn’t have to give your personal security any thought. We have been designing home security alarm systems Brisbane wide for near 25 years. Statistics show homes that have security alarm systems are definitely a less attractive target than those without.

Insurance companies are despite what they say in the media, in the business of making money. They regularly increase premiums to cover their payouts which is a basic business principle. However they also becoming increasing selective about their clients.

If you have a burglary claim you can be sure that it is well noted somewhere. It appears to me that is the reason we are installing more and more home security alarm systems. Home security alarm systems have seen some big advances  in terms of reliability and cost over the last 15 years.

The only option that was available to home owners was to “hardwire” an alarm. Where as now we can use hard wired, wireless or a combination of the two. We are also merging home alarm security systems with small economical IP cameras that enable the home owner to “check in” when an alarm is raised.

The smartphone is also playing an important role in keeping your home safe. Its now possible to arm & disarm the alarm remotely as well as receive status reports by text message.  So when you want a quotation for home security alarm systems Brisbane, Gold Coast or Bribie Island look no further than KGB Security and call us on 1300 556500.


I typical Dual trigger passive infrared detector

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