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Having been in the security industry for 36 years one thing I have learned is people are passionate about their “castle” and when they have a break in they will do what ever they can to make sure it doesn’t happen again. We have been providing home security Brisbane business owners and residents have relied on to give them peace of mind for 26 years. We have seen it all, from professional break & enters to the more common opportunistic ones. With our background in physical security we expanded into electronic security some 10 years ago and with knowledge in both these areas we are well placed to offer a TOTAL security solution.

Over the years I have attended many break and enters where the property has a top of the range security system yet has the dodgiest of locks money can buy. Another instance is to see top grade locks fitted incorrectly that allow a criminal to slip the lock with a credit card or similar. Security is about making your home less attractive to potential robbers and sticking a blue light under the eves or deadlock on wont guarantee you will be left alone. The first step is deciding that you will do all you can to not become a victim.

We have an incredible array of security items but again its about ones that work with you, ones that can become part of your daily life. We also have a huge array of safes, and I regularly talk about have a cheap (even bunnings ) safe that is used regularly rather than the biggest or best one that is downstairs in the garage and is too much of a hassle to use after a night out. We have wireless and hard wired alarm systems and the latest GSM alarms which are almost impossible to defeat, we are happy to come out and give you a comprehensive security audit, call us today on 1300 556500 !

Security without liberty is called prison.  Benjamin Franklin

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Unlike many smaller post office box security installers we have professional premises

Our vans are sign written & staff are uniformed with ID

We are also licensed to repair safes

Installing a high tech swipe card system