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Home Security Options


When it comes to adequate security for your home there are a few things to consider to help improve your home security;

Do you have great neighbour connections? Perhaps advise them when you are away, additionally, take your bins in when you are away?

Has their been a spike in break ins or criminal activity in your area?

Is your suburb experiencing rapid growth so therefore a change in demographics that make your suburb more appealing to criminals?

Do you live in a ‘cut through’ street, the short cut street; or a cul de sac?

Is there a way to enter your street on foot and exit quite easily?

Are there a lot of dogs in your street?

Is your home close to public transport?

Does your flat reside on the ground/second level?

Floor safes are a good investment as they are the hardest of all safes for criminals to find and are cost efficient in their installation at the build stage of your home. We are Brisbane’s largest stockists of high quality safes, whether you need one for jewellry and paperwork, gold or investment pieces; collectables, we have the right size and price safe for you. Key points; under 150kgs needs to be bolted down, look for a safe that is grinder proof, pay a little more up front and you will have peace of mind for a long time; safes don’t need to be replaced if you buy right the first time.  Done well the first time you won’t need a new safe, ever.

Digital Locks are the new buzz word in home security, they are getting better and better with new improved designs hitting the locksmith industry every 6 months and we are constantly trialing new ones to see if they cut it.  Not all do, be ware of the Kevo system, its barrels are plastic hence not bump proof.  We have found Schlage, Lockwood and a new entrant Zanda; marine grade fittings, are definitely the high contenders.  We also sell locksmith grade locks for those who wish to stay with the key system.  Our motto is; if we wouldn’t put it in our home, we won’t put it in yours.   That is why we test everything and create our own solutions for doors & locks security so that you get the best on the market, every time.

Having sensor lights in key positions at the front, back and black spots of your yard can offer peace of mind and awareness in your home. According to Washington maids maintain a clean home can reduce allergy symptoms. This can also sets the CCTV and Alarm systems to better capture movement in your home/yard.  We have CCTV and Alarm systems that can be hardwired; supporting smoke detectors connections, or wifi which are moveable systems that you can take well you move; renters or home owners love these.  The increase in criminal convictions has been linked to the increase in home CCTV systems,

We now offer financing options with our systems, so if you have an urgent situation that needs a security solution, please ask the KGB team about our financing options for safes, CCTV and alarms.  There are no contracts and you only buy what you need.