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Intercom system service Brisbane

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This post is all about intercom system service and maintenance.

It is however worth going back a bit to understand the role they play in unit dwellings around Brisbane. It is very natural to be a bit stand offish until you know someones name or intention. An intercom system is a natural extension of this. In Brisbane there is a trend towards more dense housing. The humble foyer door stands between those unknown and your home. The intercom allows visitors to “knock” electronically. After verifying their identity the door can be “buzzed open.

Now this is all good but what if the call button stopped working ?

Or what if after your visitor calls the “handset” the or foyer door refuses to open. You would then have to walk down the stairs to manually open said door. Well this scenario is more common than you might think. We have repaired, replaced and serviced multitudes of intercom systems in numerous suburbs throughout Brisbane. If there is such a fault and a need  for of an intercom system service Brisbane unit dwellers need only call and we can be there.

Commercial grade intercom system maintenance is our specialty

Commercial grade intercom system maintenance is our specialty

Intercom systems being such front-line defense items require regular maintenance.

Their service schedule should be subject to the number of “cycles’ they go through over a set period. If a unit complex has 100 units. The intercom and its associated locking systems will be subject to much greater use than a unit complex with only 10 units. Whilst most intercom systems consist of a door station, wiring, a power supply and a number of  “handsets”. These components have few moving parts compared to doors, hinges, door closers and the electric door release.

We are also expert at finding intercom system faults and should the situation be dire, we can provide same day service. Be it a large multidimensional intercom system or a simple home intercom on the front gate we can fix it, tweak it or upgrade it, call today 1300 556500.

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