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Keys cut from Numbers AKA code numbers (Australia)

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Keys cut from numbers or “to code” as we refer to it is a common request for our bench locksmiths.

If you have lost your keys to your car or filing cabinet. Its easy to get another key when you have a code to work from. Many car makers used to write the car’s key number in the service manual. However this is now very rare. Key codes are only found on a few locks because it makes it very easy to get a key cut. Whilst this is great if you are the rightful owner it also makes it possible for someone else to get a key.

Key codes are found on the front of filing cabinet locks, stationary cabinets, roller-door locks, car door lock barrels, and ignition locks to name the most common. When you want to get a new set of keys cut from a number. Most of the time they do work but there is a small possibility that the keys cut may not work.

There are 2 main reasons why keys cut from a number won’t work.

Whilst the code may be correct, lazy locksmiths sometimes “rekey” a lock and don’t over-stamp the old code. Car makers can also write or type the number incorrectly.

To get a key cut from a code number we require as much detail of the lock as possible. Such as the make, model and year of manufacture. With desk locks, etc… it is best to send a photo of the lock along with the key code by email. It’s worth noting that where there is a code number on the lock there is a security issue. If you went to a gym for a workout and put your gear inside for safe keeping, it will be a waste of effort if a criminally minded person has cut a key from the number.

Locksmiths are NOT required to request identification of a person requesting a key cut from a number.

Note the vin number of a car is just like your fingerprint. It makes it much easier to cut a key when this is also provided. Conversely car dealers won’t or are hesitant to provide “security details” from just the vin number. Might we suggest Digital door locks – no key no problem!

Have a number on a lock and need a quote for a new key?


Simply send an email through along with a picture to our service email address and we will get to it quick smart.

Most code numbers on padlocks are WRONG

A safe lock with a “non code”

A typical desk lock