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Large 2nd hand CMI drug safe

The large 2nd hand CMI drug safe that is shown retails for close to $6000 which is on par for a high grade drug safe. We have it listed for $4000 + gst which makes for a significant saving. However its worth exploring how we ended up with this monster. I have been selling safes of every description for the better part of 40 years. Over the last 5 years we started to seeing an increased demand for larger sized dangerous drug safes. This was most curious as our best selling drug safe was considerably smaller than the CMI DS4.

As it turned out the demand for larger dangerous drug safes is driven by 2 factors. Pharmaceutical companies have penalized those chemists who place small orders and rewarded those buying in bulk. The 2nd factor has been the legalization of medicinal Cannabis and compared to traditional drugs, the product is huge. We routinely sell the Imperium DS5 drug safe almost exclusively for storing this product. The CMI DS4 measures 1525mm tall and 762mm wide and 400mm deep. This was the largest safe Pharmacists could buy until a few years ago. However our Imperium DS5 drug safe is 30% larger.

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This large 2nd hand CMI drug safe comes with a high grade keylock which we can easily convert to a electronic keypad. Electronic dangerous drug safes are way more convenient that the keylock version as well as being MORE secure. CMI have are without doubt one of Australia’s leading safe manufacturers. Sadly the cost of making safes in Australia has meant the safes are more expensive that the ones made in Asia.

We have a huge range of dangerous drug safes in stock and we can arrange shipping and installation almost anywhere in Australia. Sadly we sometimes lose a sale to a competitor who has an online store. We are mainly a “bricks and mortar” business with a sideline online option. The big difference between our service & our competitors is our reputation. With even a quick search its possible to find how good a suppliers reputation is vis their Google reviews. So to buy this 2nd hand drug safe or even a new larger drug safe simply send us a message.


Large 2nd hand CMI drug safe
This used CMI DS4 is in great conditions









Measuring 1500 x 760 c 400 mm








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