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Large capacity drug safe with drawers

I have been selling drug safes for many years and the design has changed little. That is until now, they all have 10mm thick steel, they all have a strong locking system. The pharmacy industry has however changed the way they package dangerous drugs. There has been a move towards patch technology as well as the amount of drugs held in storage. Large sized drug safes are now more popular than their smaller cousins. And now the large capacity drug safe with drawers we sell is a game changer.

Potential customers are always trying to maximize every square inch of their floor plan and large volume drug cabinets definitely help. Our latest range of big drug safes expand in height rather than width. They come either left or right hand hinged. Drug safes traditionally come with a key lock but digital locks make more sense. Drug safes with digital locks allow the code to be changed quickly and easily.

With HUNDREDS of 5 star Google reviews our client commitment is clear !

The Imperium drug safe range all have roll our drawers and the feedback we are getting is incredible. Our clients tell us that drug safes with roll out drawers allow better organization of drugs. Instead of having to shuffle the items around to retrieve an item simply pull the drawer out to access it easily.

There are 5 sizes available with the largest drug safe on the Australian market standing 1800mm tall. Additionally it is 780mm wide and 500mm deep, This safe makes arranging and dispensing dangerous drugs very efficient. We will arrange delivery and installation to almost any location in Australia.

Of course buying a drug safe should NOT be just about the price. With our commitment to after sales service you can be sure we will be there to help whenever you need it. Call us today to arrange a site visit or a quotation.

Large capacity drug safe with drawers

The largest dangerous drug safe available is 180 x 77 x 50 cm

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