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Large cheap gun safe Brisbane

Whenever the word cheap is included in someones sort spec, quality usually suffers. That said our new Red Sheild gun safes are both cheap and of high quality. The Large gun safe pictured below has room for 16 guns. Now sadly whenever you see a 16 gun capacity gun safe the reality is capacity is much less. Sure it will fit 16 air rifles or small bore rifles however as soon as you put optics on some rifles. The capacity will diminish dramatically and gun owners also dont like their guns banging together. So back to our large cheap gun safe review, after going over the safe and inspecting the internal mechanism. I must admit I am very impressed.

We are hoping to keep the price of this large capacity cheap gun safe around the $750 mark. Alas over the last 12 months the price of steel and thus Chinese imports has increased significantly. The door of the safe is 6mm thick and the body 3 mm and has 6 point locking. The rear of the door has handy storage pockets for small bits and pieces. Another nice addition is the motion activated interior light as it gets dark in there. Measuring 1500mm tall and 550 wide and deep, it is a big gun safe.

Our range of large capacity gunsafes consists mainly from Lokaway and Huntpro. However these 2 brands are also significantly higher in price. Its worth noting that over the last 20 years I have only seen a handful of attacks on gun safes. Of course you may be able to buy similar sized gun safes online. However I doubt they will be close in quality. Buying your gunsafe from an expert is also smart because we can answer every question you have about installation. A gun safe has a life cycle of around 15 years and if ever you need help with spare parts we will be here.

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