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Large Drug safe Melbourne

Surprisingly large dangerous drug safes are rare, in fact just 5 years ago the most popular drug safe we sold was the CMI DS2. The DS2 measures 600 x 450 x 200. However pharmacists now want the largest sized drug safe available. Australia’s medical marijuana industry has also fueled the increased demand for large drug safes. We have a large drug safe Melbourne pharmacists will be super excited about because its HUGE. Our Imperium DC6 dangerous drug storage safe measures H 1800 x W 1000 x D 500.

We can supply and deliver usually within 5 working days !

When you compare the DS6 drug safe to the Platinum PS8 the price is similar but the stark difference is the way the drugs are accessed. The Platinum PS8 sells for around $6,500, both have 10 mm doors and walls and both come with digital locks. The Platinum PS8 drug safe measures 1700H x 850W x 550.

With 400 FIVE star Google reviews there is a stark contrast to many of our competitors !

Now when buying a new drug safe its worth keeping in mind that its not all about a cheap price. Service and customer relations are two facets of our business we take with the utmost importance. Our Google reviews are testament to the dedication we have for our clients. With over 400 FIVE star Google reviews our record is there in black and white, compare THAT to our competitors. We ship our large drug safes to just about every location throughout Australia. Our team of dedicated installers also share our passion for service. However if the DS6 is too big for your needs Imperium has 5 other sizes to choose from.

The Imperium Dangerous Drug safe range features.

•  Complies to Australian Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Regulation Act 2008.
•  All 10mm steel construction, with retractable locking bolt work,
secured by a pick resistant key lock.
•  4 x 12mm bolt holes in base and 4 x 12mm bolt holes in back.
•  Fully adjustable roll out shelves *not on DSM.
•  Can be fitted with digital or swipe card access with emergency
key over-ride at an additional cost.
•  Available in left or right hand hinge* Not on DSM.
•  Finished in silver grey high gloss hammertone paint
•  Offering a larger storage area in a smaller safe

large drug safe Melbourne
Measuring 1800 x 730 x 500 this Dangerous drug safe is our 2nd largest
Featured here is the DS5 measuring 1800 x 730 x 500. The drawers CAN be adjusted to suit your needs too.
Large Drug safe Melbourne
The Imperium DS4 is tall and skinny for space conscious chemists

large drug safe Melbourne

This Emperium DC6 measures 1800 x 1000 x 500mm

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