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Large gun safe Australia

Buying a large gun safe online proves effortless. The key lies in selecting one that lasts beyond 4 years and comes with a spare parts inventory. With 40 years of experience in selling and servicing various safes, I’ve gained significant insights. Opting for a low-cost gun safe may provide temporary satisfaction. However once it malfunctions, the realization that spare parts are unavailable sets in, inducing a sense of dread. Our objective is to offer Australian gun enthusiasts a large gun safe that combines durability and affordability for 20 or 30 years. Please read more about our blog titled, Large gun safe Australia

Undoubtedly, Lokaway gun safes stand out as the finest options on the Australian market. The mastermind behind Lokaway’s design has ingeniously crafted a safe that is nearly impervious to prying attempts with jimmy bars. The revolutionary swing & slide mechanism, where the door swings shut and then slides behind the frame, sets Lokaway apart. While Lokaway safes were once reasonably priced and widely stocked by us, challenges in obtaining safes promptly have arisen since Barretta assumed distribution rights.

Rest assured, our reputation is backed by over 400 five-star Google reviews!

Here comes the exciting part: we’ve discovered a Lokaway competitor that employs the same design but at a more budget-friendly price. Sold under the HUNTPRO name, these safes maintain the same high standard as Lokaway. Featured below is the HD30 safe, accommodating between 20 to 30 rifles, available for $1640 including GST. We offer nationwide shipping, and all safes we dispatch are insured against damage by OUR insurance.

I wholeheartedly endorse both Lokaway and Huntpro due to their utilization of “off the shelf” standard lock components. Additionally, they come with a 5-year warranty, and in my experience over the past 8 years, claims are rarely denied. Lastly, you can rely on us to prioritize your needs, as evidenced by our track record. Since 1988, we’ve been establishing our brand and commitment, reflected in our 400 five-star Google reviews.

The Huntpro HD30 is only $1580 and has the following features :-

  • Main Door fitted with Swing’n’Slide Anti Pry Design
  • Internal Ammo Box
  • Full Carpet Lined
  • MDF Gun Rack
  • High Security digital lock with key over-ride (in case it fails )
  • Door Back Shelving
  • Approved for cat ABCD & H ( in Qld )
  • Prorack fitted on rear of door

External size is 1505 x 905 x 555 ( H x W x D )

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