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Large sized gun safe

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As the sun comes up you can bet gun laws will get tougher in Queensland. NSW has pretty tough storage specs but at the moment Qld lags behind. Alas another problem is that the gun safe makers get rewarded for telling lies. If they can squeeze 15 guns into a 12 gun sized safe they sell more of them. Conversly gun safe makers that offer large sized gun safes with lots of room in them sell less of them coz they are dearer. If you have 10 or 15 guns obviously you dont want them banging them each other. Also if you put scopes on any of your guns it makes it harder to store them without scratches and such.

The key is to buy a large gun safe that has enough room for your current range. And of course you will have room for any extras you may get. I have been selling safes for near 30 years. In that time I have learned that gun enthusiasts are always looking to upgrade. Well upgrade or expand their collection and yes you could make do with 2 safes sitting side by side. However it makes way more sense to sell your old gunsafe on Gumtree and buy the right sized safe for the job.

Occassionally I get an argument from a potential client with w lame argument. They try to convince me I should sell crappy safes that are found online. NO WAY will I compromise my name. No way I will sell the same crappy quality ones that every online seller sells. I rather point out that a quality gun safe has a life of around 20 years. To get that kind of life the safe makers need to use quality components. All the safes we sell have “industry standard” parts. If the digital lock or keylock stops working in 12 years etc it easy to get it replaced.

Check out this Huntpro HFH32. It has a 6mm door, 3mm body and a unique anti jimmy “H Lock” locking system. It has all the bells & whistles such as the prorack. We have a large range of safes we can send to anywhere in this big brown land. Call or email us for more information.

Large sized gun safe











Enough pockets and things for all your goodies













Unique locking system makes cracking it open VERY hard











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