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Largest Dangerous Drug safe Australia

For over 35 years, KGB Security has been a trusted provider of safes. Not only do we have a longstanding reputation, but we also ship our safes far and wide. We are also supported by a network of like-minded installers. Over the last decade or so, a noticeable trend has emerged towards larger, more secure drug safes. This shift can be attributed to the escalating cost of retail space. This has prompted pharmacists to seek innovative solutions to maximize their shop’s layout. Consequently, vertical storage has become increasingly popular. Thus, to meet this demand, we proudly introduce the Imperium DS6, the largest dangerous drug safe available in Australia.

The Imperium DC6 stands as a testament to our commitment to meeting evolving needs. Standing at 1800mm tall, 1000mm wide, and 500mm deep, it offers unparalleled storage capacity. This expansive drug safe caters to those seeking to optimize their storage space efficiently. While our DS range typically includes pull-out drawers for easy access. It’s worth noting that the DS6 model exclusively features shelves ( see bottom 2 images).

We have over 400 five star Google reviews !

While budget considerations inevitably play a role in purchasing decisions, it’s crucial to remember that prioritizing affordability over quality can often backfire. At KGB Security, our extensive client database and glowing Google reviews attest to our dedication to customer satisfaction. We firmly believe that thorough research is key, especially given the accessibility of information online. I encourage you to compare our reviews with those of our competitors, confident that our track record speaks for itself.

With over 400 five-star Google reviews, our reputation precedes us. Despite the surging demand for larger drug safes, our robust stock levels have ensured consistent availability. Moreover, our streamlined installation process typically takes around 10 days, although challenges may arise in locations with steps or stairs. Nonetheless, most medical centers and chemists in Australia are equipped with ramps to facilitate installation.

The Imperium DS range is equipped with a high-grade digital lock as standard. However, should you prefer a key lock, we offer seamless customization options to meet your specific requirements. At KGB Security, we’re dedicated to providing not only top-of-the-line products but also unparalleled service, ensuring peace of mind for our valued customers.

Our Imperium Dangerous Drug safe range features the following.

• Complies to Australian Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Regulation Act 2008.
• All 10mm steel construction, with retractable locking bolt work,
secured by a pick resistant key lock.
• 4 x 12mm bolt holes in base and 4 x 12mm bolt holes in back.
• Fully height adjustable shelves.
• Can be fitted with digital or swipe card access with emergency
key over-ride at an additional cost.
• Double doors
• Finished in silver grey high gloss hammertone paint
• Offering a larger storage area in a smaller safe

• Weighing a massive 650kg

Largest Dangerous Drug safe Australia
Standing 1800mm this drug safe is huge


Largest Dangerous Drug safe Australia
High quality digital lock comes as standard


Pull out shelving allows easy access to products at the rear









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