KGB Security has been selling safes for over 35 years. We ship our safes far and wide and have a network of likeminded installers. Over the last 10 or so years we have noticed a trend towards larger sized dangerous drug safes. The rising cost of retail space means Pharmacists need to maximize their shop. One way to utilize this precious commodity is to store things vertically. Hence we now sell the Largest Dangerous Drug safe Australia has seen. Enter the Imperium DS5 dangerous drug storage safe.

This large sized dangerous drug safe is the largest drug safe available on the Australian market. The Imperium DS5 is 1800mm tall, 770mm wide and 500mm deep. We sell this large drug safe to those who want to maximize their storage space. The DS range of drug safes comes with pull out drawers which makes accessing the product at the rear a breeze. If you are wanting to store Medical Marijuana we can change the pull out drawers to standard shelves.

Of course the price of buying a large drug safe can sometimes be influenced by budgets. However cheap is not always best option and can often turn out to be more expensive than first thought. Our client database is full of extremely happy customers and this is reflected in our Google reviews. The key I believe is research and oh how easy it is now to research a supplier. I encourage you to compare or Google reviews with our competition.

We have over 400 five star Google reviews !

Our stock levels have so far been able to keep up with the demand for larger sized drug safes and our installation timeframe hovers around 10 days. Installation of these big drug safes can be tricky where there are steps or stairs. However most medical centres and chemists in Australia have ramps or lists where there are stairs. The DS drug safe range comes standard with a high grade digital lock however we can easily change this to a key lock.

The Imperium Dangerous Drug safe range features.

• Complies to Australian Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Regulation Act 2008.
• All 10mm steel construction, with retractable locking bolt work,
secured by a pick resistant key lock.
• 4 x 12mm bolt holes in base and 4 x 12mm bolt holes in back.
• Fully adjustable roll out shelves *not on DSM.
• Can be fitted with digital or swipe card access with emergency
key over-ride at an additional cost.
• Available in left or right hand hinge* Not on DSM.
• Finished in silver grey high gloss hammertone paint
• Offering a larger storage area in a smaller safe

• Weighing a massive 550kg


Largest Dangerous Drug safe Australia

Standing 1800mm this drug safe is huge

Largest Dangerous Drug safe Australia

High quality digital lock comes as standard


Pull out shelving allows easy access to products at the rear









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