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Laundry door lock repairs Brisbane

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The laundry must be one of the most shunned rooms in the house. Most people only visit their laundry every second or third day. In contrast the lounge, kitchen and bedrooms get used each day. Laundry doors are a favorite for break and enters. Closely followed by back doors which are by far the most popular from criminals and as such laundry door lock repairs keep us busy. Most modern Brisbane homes have a standard “key in knob” lock which is very functional however is also vulnerable to attack when criminals use a pipe wrench (commonly called stilsens ) to force the lock to open.

We carry a large range of locks in our mobile service vans. We can usually fix any lock problems without having to come back. If you have a door lock repair that requires urgent attention. This is also available as we have 2 vans dedicated to emergency door lock repairs and lockouts. After hours can also present a problem when trying to get an emergency lock repair done. However we answer our phones 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Over the last 39 years I have seen a trend from repairing locks to replacing them. As many locks that come in from Asia are now so cheap it has made pulling the lock apart and repairing not economically viable.

Laundry door lock repairs represent only a small part of the revenue we generate and each year. We see more and more demand for electronic locks and security systems. In fact I predict that within 15 years keys will have all but disappeared and we will be using face recognition technology to open doors. Of course until then we still have the humble key and pin tumbler lock mechanism. If you have any questions relating to mechanical locks or electronic locks don’t hesitate to call or send an email. Finally we accept all forms of payment including Amex.


Laundry door lock repairs
A typical Aussie laundry door lock
Fitting a deadlock above a key in knob lock will increase the security of your home.
Fitting a deadlock above a key in knob lock will increase the security of your home.


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