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Left hand hinge safe

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One would think that safes come in both left hand and right handed hinge configuration. Alas no well sort of no, over the last 40 years I have seen the handing options for safes dwindle. And go from lots of left handed to only available by special order. I am unsure why the left hand hinge safe is so rare now. I assume that economic pressures force suppliers to only produce or import the popular safe models. Of course 85% of the population are right handed.So it follows opening a safe with ones left hand is going to be less popular than the opposite.

We can deinitely help you find a left hand hinge safe but it might take up to 16 weeks if it is a odd size. The safe pictured is a left handed hinged Chubb Minibank safe. I always advise clients to place their safe against the left wall. If the safe is placed hard up against a righ hand wall the door may only open to 80 degrees. Conversly when a safe door is open the full 180 degrees its easy to pull the sheves or drawer out.

Often we install extra shelves or drawers, pull handles or any modification that is required. By far the most popular job we do is to change the dial over to a code pad safe lock. Changing the spin dial to a digital lock can usually be done on site. Break & enter repairs to safes is also done regularly. With the proliferation of gun safes break in attemps are also on the increase.

While I am talking of left handed safes its worth noting we also repositon or reloacte safes. You would be surprised how often clients change their offices around. The safe will sit in the same position until soemone loses it and demands the safe be repositioned to a better location. In short if you have a safe & need anything done to it, we can help.



Left hand hinge safe
Left handed safe

Left hand hinge safe













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