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If you have a safe then you probably have valuables that you want to protect from criminals. We have been licensed, finger printed and certified by the Qld Office of Fair trading. Its their job it is to oversee the Security Providers Act 1991. Dont risk using unlicensed “unknowns” to move or relocated your safe.

We are licensed safe removal experts and carry both class 1 and class 2 security installers licenses. Under Qld law anyone installing security equipment must be licensed which is very logical. The furniture moving industry is known for its “transient” employment and letting an ex bikie furniture mover move your safe could be a big mistake.

We move safes for the Banking and Jewellery industries and can move safes up to 3000kg. We are well versed in all Workplace Health and Safety aspects of moving big heavy safes. Our Public Liability Insurance Policy is $20,000,000 and covers accidental damage to both property and persons, however we have never had to make a claim because we know what we are doing.

Sure there will always be someone out there who will give safe moving a go. But over the last 29 years we have seen many come and go and since the strict licensing of the Security sector came into play have seen many players disappear. Our number one concern is safety and when you consider that many lawyers look for injured people to act on behalf of.

Its possible you could also be a target if it all goes pear shaped. This is another reason its worth checking the credentials of those who think they can move your safe. We have all the correct specialised equipment to undertake the task of relocating or removing your safe and will be happy to provide a no obligation free estimation. Lastly, another critical factor in moving safes is to know EXACTLY how much the safe weighs.

Because we sell and service all brands of safes we have all the specifications to determine the weight of the safe. We recently moved a 2500 kg safe from a Bank in a Gold Coast shopping Centre and the Centre Management demanded a lift technician be present. Whenever you move a safe into a elevator it is essential to know its weight. Call us today for answers to any question you may have on doing licensed safe removal anywhere on the Gold Coast.

We dont do fish tanks or pianos we move safes !
Knowing a safes exact weight is critical !
Bank Vault doors are the one of the harder jobs we do
This was a little tricky, 2300kg up a step and out !
Up up and away
Safety safety safety its not worth the risk in this litigious world !

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