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We do numerous types of jobs but when there is a need for a lock change Brisbane residents & business owners rely on us. To get the job done with a minimum of fuss. We have been  changing keys and locks in all Brisbane suburbs for more than 25 years. Its cheaper and quicker to change the “combination” of the locks so the old keys wont work. We can change the barrels and tumblers of the lock, sometimes referred to as lock cylinders. We can also reduce the number of keys on your key ring at the same time.

When we do a lock change Brisbane homeowners and business managers can relax. Relax knowing that we always test our locks to make sure the old keys no longer work. If you have to hand keys out to people and you need to prevent them from getting copies we can install a Restricted key system. Restricted keys and locks are registered. They can only be copied after a key request order has been presented to us. The appropriate key request must be signed by the system owner and match the signature we hold on file.

We also operate our lock changing service 24 hours per day 365 days a year. You can even book a specific time such as outside of business hours to maximize discretion. Once we have completed the lock change we can also assess your physical security. Just to ensure that people cant gain entry easily. In the event you have multiple sites that need the locks changed such as an insolvency we can help. We have the ability to get this done within your timeframe.

A digital lock is also a good idea as its easier to just change the pin code to prevent entry. So contact us anytime to use our lock change Brisbane wide service and we will send one of our friendly mobile locksmiths to you, we accept all major credit cards and if its a special situation even give out accounts.  Call now on 1300 5600.


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