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Its is generally agreed that cars need regular servicing to ensure they work and function correctly.  Locks also need to be serviced and maintained regularly. Lock servicing is not something that many people will have to be concerned about.

Unless of course their locks are “service critical” such as in a prison or Bank. We only service locks in most instances when they fail. Whilst many lock manufacturers will recommend what lubricant to use. Most dont specify what cycle should be used instead using the word “periodically”.

The safe industry however does suggest that the safe locks should be serviced regularly. The reason for this is quite simple, a safe lock will work normally and then as it gets older. The lubricant starts to break down the lock might get harder to open.

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Should this be left unserviced it will cause a lock out of the safe. A safe that has a lock failure is actually quite difficult to open. As the door is specifically designed to resist any attempted force. It will only open when the correct opening sequence is used. This can be either spinning the dial or in the case of a electronic safe lock, the correct code number entered.

What I am getting to is simple, if your lock is used in standard everyday way it probably doesn’t need regular servicing. However if it is “lock critical” its best to at least ask an expert. This will then enable determination as to when a scheduled service should be done. There are no “one lubricant” that is suitable for every lock.

Instead we use a variety of different lock lubricants based on the lock type and the lock usage. If you have any more questions regarding lock servicing I invite you to contact me.

Bent or broken keys are usually a result of poor lock maintenance
Electronic and mechanical digital locks need more maintenance than standard key locks
safe locks need servicing or a costly lockout WILL result

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