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Lockwood safe review


There are so many safes on the market now and before I get into the nitty gritty of my Lockwood safe review. It worth spending a little time looking at Lockwood’s history in Australia. Lockwood would easily be one of Australia’s most recognisable lock brand names. They started making quality locks early last century. I have been in the Locksmithing industry since 1977 and I have seen and worked on thousands of their locks.

They have always produced quality locks that I was proud to sell. Alas we now live in a ” Global ” market where companies are bought and sold at a fanatic pace. Lockwood is now owned by Assa Abloy which is probably the largest lock company in the world and sadly many of their products are now sourced in China and sold under various names.

Chubb Safes also used to be one of the most recognisable brands in the safe industry. Sadly they too have succumbed to this global phenomenon and now get their safes made in various Asian factories and sold under this once great name. So back to Lockwood safes, basically they are VERY low grade safes.

I believe they offer little if any protection from even the most basic criminal attack. The Lockwood safe range is sold mainly through Bunnings and a few locksmith shops around Australia. In the safe industry we use “cash rating” or “Insurance rating” as a measure of how tough a safe is to crack.

Typically a safe with a $2000 cash rating is much easier to bust open than a safe with a $20,000 cash rating. These ratings are arrived at by consensus from the many profession safe sellers in our industry.

Having inspected the range of Lockwood safes available I would only recommend these safes for minimal protection of valuables. In other words I would strongly advise NOT to place any valuables in these safes. With even a little practice they are easy to both “bounce” open as well as pry open.

In short you really do get what you pay for, we have over a 100 safes here at our Coopers Plains showroom. Come on down and open a few different safes up and its easy to compare them. I rang Assa Abloy to check out the warranty and was directed to their website. (click here ) On read their fine print I found that the safe has a 10 year warranty on mechanical parts but ONLY.

It ONLY has 12 month warranty for electronic components. My experience shows me that most cheapie safe locks FAIL after 2 to 3 years. If this happens you will need to get it opened and seeing their are NO (ZERO) spare parts available. You will then need to buy another safe. Its false economics, so all in all I would not recommend these safes for protecting cash or valuables.


Lockwood safe – these cheapies are sold through Bunnings

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