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Lokaway gun safe review

The lokaway gun safe is only new on the market and stands head & shoulders above most of the competition. In this Lokaway gun safe review I explore how good they are !

There are so many cheap junk safes now available online. So very little separates them except for the race they are all in. To make it cheaper and use thinner steel than the competition. Watch our video review of the lokaway gun safe.

KGB’s safe specialist giving a review on Lokaway Safes.

If you are chasing the cheapest gun safe on the market it’s not hard to find one.

However what happens when the lock fails (which it will) or the hinge snaps? I spend my working week fielding phone calls from people who have safe problems. From big bankers safes to tiny Bunnings safes. I am seeing an increasing number of jobs for gun safes with sub-standard locks. The locks found on most cheap gun safes are either cheap “knock off” key locks or low grade digital locks.

The average cost of a gun safe from the online (“sorry it’s out of warranty”) stores is $300 – $400.

When you buy a cheapie rifle safe you risk more than your firearms. Cheapie safes WONT stand up to even a amateur attack !

My beef is that they use NON standard locks. Now if you spend just a wee bit more you will find the locks used are either a Ross safe lock. These key locks are the Holden commodore key locks of the safe industry. Or a digital lock that can be replaced with one that uses standard mounting points.

Apart from the fact that 2mm steel skins can be cut open with a cordless angle grinder in minutes. Its more the cost of having to either open a faulty lock. Locksmiths charge for this service or the cost of repairing it and fitting a new quality lock. The cost or opening and then repairing these cheapies makes buying a cheapie poor value.

LOKAWAY has a 2 year (on site – no having to send it back warranty )

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE !! If your LOKAWAY Gunsafe is broken into we will replace it for FREE !!!! (excludes shipping, click here for more information on KGB’s own safe warranty)

So if you have bought a cheapie & have told your buddies how much you saved you might want to Google (YouTube actually) how easy it is to open safes with the solenoid locking (for examples see the links below) mechanism. Now Lokaway ARE unique as they have a patented locking system that makes it SUPER hard to prize open because of the way it locks. More over they use “standard safe industry lock mounting points” which means IF the locks fail you can replace the locks with “locksmith quality” ones. Its also worth noting their digital lock can’t be “bounced” open and IF it does fail there is a key over-ride as back up.

Yes the lokaway gun safe is made in Asia to keep the price down, yes they have a cheapie thin steel version but they also have thick steel skin versions as well. Lastly do a quick addition of replacing your rifles and then add the price of the scopes and any other nice bits and you might be surprised. So you can put your weapons in a cheapie “just to comply” or you can do a bit of research and conclude that the Lokaway range is well priced and more secure (especially if you buy the 6mm thick ones) than most gun safes on the market.

Watch (1min 14 secs) a cheap safe BUSTED open using basic tools

Watch (1min 40secs) a cheap safe “BOUNCED” open

Witness the LOKAWAY slide & lock patented mechanism

if you are at work looking at this turn down the volume on your computer as it is very dramatic music.

We have lokaway safes in stock in Brisbane and whilst it might appear cheaper to buy online interstate watch-out for the extra freight snakebite !

We don’t know about knives, scopes or guns …

BUT we do KNOW about safes!

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